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How to stick it

First things first make sure to clean the wax off your board, roll it up into a ball - dont throw it away. Recycle it. Yes, theres people out there recycling wax and its a whole lot better than throwing it away. 

To clean the wax from your board use a credit card or old drivers licence. Put your board in the sun for a few minutes [if your board is Epoxy we wouldn't suggest this step] the sun makes the removal of the wax like a hot knife through butter. 

Once you got all the visible wax from the board use a cloth, toilet paper or preferably your old rods with the hole in the crotch. You get the idea? We want to up-cycle. Use whatever material you have to "buff" the remaining wax residue from your board - this step is gonna take some elbow grease. Where there is still wax residue you'll feel the stickiness as the material moves over it. Polish your board up until it feels as smooth a Durban beach break at sunrise, now you know you got all your wax off. You can double check by putting your board in some light and where theres wax you'll see a dull patch. Buff the dull patches. 


Next lay your fresh set of tractions onto your board the way you want them when they'll be stuck - snap a photie [photograph], this step is pretty crucial to help you remember the layout when you start sticking.


Start by peeling a small portion of the yellow paper backing and fold it over [like in the video] and position your first traction as centered as possible - start with the middle of the board and the pad closest to the tail. Once you got the traction centered, stick the corner piece you peeled [like in the video] and remove the rest of the paper backing to let the pad stick organically as you peel it off.


Use your spacer to get the next pad perfectly spaced. You'll notice there are two spacers, one that is larger than the other. The larger spacer will create bigger gaps and the smaller one smaller gaps - this will be your personal preference. 


Rinse and repeat the previous step until all the center pads are stuck and then move to either side and so on until they are all stuck. Its advisable to refer to your photo before sticking each traction to make sure the orientation is correct.


Give it 24 hours to bond and get shredding.   

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