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  • How many traction pads do I need to buy?
    To meet a standard front pad size you'll need one Small traction pad.
  • What does cork feel like when surfing?
    Cork has a unique feel, not like anything you've tried before. We think the ultimate way of summing up cork [in comparison to wax] is that cork has a very grippy feel [in comparison to wax which has a sticky feel]. Cork provides the equivalent grip to wax with a clean consistent feel under your feet. People who surf with booties have a hard time telling the difference.
  • What happens if one of my pads tear off?
    Our adhesive is marine grade and if you apply the traction pads correctly you're very unlikely to have one peel. However, dings happen and sometimes the shaper needs to remove a pad to repair the area, in that event you can just purchase the one traction that has been removed. Our entire business model is based off of the fact that our product is modular. We wont sell you an entire new set of traction pads when you can just buy the one you need.
  • Is Cork better than Wax?
    Cork wins over wax in a few ways. Convenience. Cork works no matter the water temperature, it cannot melt in the sun and you cannot forget your wax at home. Grip. Cork provides unrivaled grip without the sticky messy feel. Envirometally better. Cork is an enviromentally better option to wax. However, wax takes the cake in the scented department- sceintifically proven not to make you surf any better despite wanting to eat it.
  • Where can I buy Kookco traction pads from?
    See our list of retailers to get a set of pads from someone in your area. Failing that you can order from our website directly or just give us a call so we can advise your next move.
  • Can I still use wax with cork tractions?
    You should never need to apply wax to the cork tractions but depending on how much of your board you choose to cover you may still need to have some wax. However, our cork pads can be used from top to bottom. If your cork pads are only over your front foot [and chest when paddling] then you may consider waxing about 20cm in front of your back pad for your back foot when generating speed and dodging those barrels.
  • Is it cheaper to use cork or wax?
    Depending on how often you wax your board and consequently your mates board, how often you ding your board and how often you plan on applying fresh wax then Cork will certainly work out cheaper. Calculate how much wax you will expect to use over the lifespan of your board and sum that up against the cost of cork pad. However, also sum the convenience of the cork tractions up, travelling between warm and cold water and forgetting your wax at home while constantly lending your wax to random owes in the parking lot.
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