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Kookco cork Tractions

Our cork tractions are far from environmentally perfect, they simply represent a step in the right direction. We’ve kept what we do as close to traditional surfboard tractions as possible and then simply swapped out majority of the petrochemical foams for cork.


Our tractions are not entirely made from cork, pure cork doesn’t last as long – durability is one aspect of environmentalism. To compromise we’ve used a cork that is bound by a small amount rubber. Each batch of cork we get looks a little different depending on a multitude of factors making each traction unique. We have found the rubber binder gives more durability to our tractions in comparison to pure cork. It also allows us to use a much thinner version of cork keeping our pads neat, thin and lightweight. We recognize our tractions are not perfect but we take pride in them being better than what is available while still ticking all the other boxes of a standard surfboard traction.


We’ve gone with the Avery Dennison adhesive after doing some tests of our own comparing the different international brands, we found this adhesive to be the tackiest and longest lasting after the testing phase.


Our cork is grown and harvested in Portugal and then distributed by Amorim Cork South Africa. To find out more about the sustainability of harvesting cork and the responsibility of Amorim in managing the Portuguese cork forests visit their website at


Our back traction kickers are made from a closed cell foam, we’ve chosen this because it simply gave the best results when adhering to the convex deck of a surfboard. Our end goal here is to be able to find a company who can supply us with waste material that can be upcycled into kicker blocks, one day further reducing our virgin material footprint.


All and all it should be said that a step in the right direction is better than no step at all. Any company trying to be better than they were yesterday, even if it’s not perfect, are contributing in their own way to a more sustainable way of life and business.

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