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The Anti-WAXxer front pad rivals any deck grip in quality, performance and durability. Its kiff modular design is eye catching, logical and convenient. Because of its modular design you can replace any one pad at anytime and Kook Co. pledges that if we cannot supply you with one of your replacement modular pads that you purchased in the past, we will replace your entire front pad with the latest modular KOOKCO design. We recognise this as not so good for business, but we intend on putting the environment and the consumer ahead of profits. So next time your board gets dinged, you wont need to re-wax your entire board. When you plan your post surf coffee you wont need to worry about your wax melting on your car seats, or board bag or anywhere. Next time you head from the frigid waters of Cape Town to the tropics of Durbs you wont need another block of "warm" wax - the Cork performs at its best in all water temperatures. Now ask yourself the question we spent months trying to answer during the R&D phase of this product - why are you not using a cork deck pad?

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