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This product has plastic free packaging. It was designed with minimal material wastage in mind. The three piece traction has a more vertical foam kicker to give extra hold through critical turns. The V-tail design allows you to get the traction as far back as possible around the leash plug. This traction weighs in under 110 grams, adding almost no weight to your board. We've chosen the American based Avery Dennison Adhesives for our easy peel and stick marine grade adhesive, making the application process simple and longer lasting. Our cork is grown in Portugal and distributed by Amorim Cork South Africa. 


Our back traction can be considered as local as it is lekker. This traction has been made from scratch, with imported materials, in the southernmost part of the mother land – Cape Town, South Africa. It was made by two surfers who care as much about the ocean and our environment as you do.


We’ve sourced, designed, and tested every aspect of this traction from the Agulhas to the Benguela to find the ideal balance between eco-conscious, durability and performance. This traction is built-to-last, built-to-perform and built with the environment in mind. By no means is it environmentally perfect, but it represents a step in the right direction.


By purchasing this traction, you are directly supporting local business, local communities and a company that is determined to harvest some positive vibes in the surf industry.

Three piece back pad


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