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With the 2024 WSL season upon us, we have teamed with a couple KIFF brands to bring you the “KING OF THE KOOKS” fantasy league!

Place your picks and stand a chance at winning some radical prizes!



- Head to our website (yes youre here now) and buy a ticket. You will receive a password that will grant you access into the league.

- Download the WSL app and complete the necessary steps to start your profile (if you don't already have one)

- Click join a fantasy league, search for KING OF THE KOOKS and enter the password supplied to you.

- Select the surfers you believe are best suited for the respective event to give your fantasy team the best chances of gaining points.(please take a second to familiarize yourself with the rules of play on the WSL app)

-The winner of each event will win a small prize and the top three standing at the end of the 2024 WSL season will win The Grand Prizes!


Grand Prizes: 1st place: A customized ihlenfeldt surfboard from his short, fish or hybrid board range2nd place: A Buell wetsuit paired with a kook co changing mat/bag3rd place: A hamper filled with glorious goods sponsored by BUUB, Simple Bru Coffee Co and Kook Co.

Event prizes:The winner of each event will win small mystery prices provided by the sponsors involved.Cost: Once off R250 cost for the ticket


Sponsors of the event: Ihlenfeldt surf boardsBuellBUUBSimple Bru

T&Cs:No snakes! If you haven’t bought a ticket, you're not eligible to win prizes. Shipping of prizes local or international is not included.


WSL Fantasy Surf League


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